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Looking To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business?

instagram Jan 30, 2024

If you haven’t used Instagram Stories previously for your business. Definitely fenced about this trend! It is enormous right now and continues to be so. When it comes to Stories and their possible uses, Making it an absolute must for every business. And here’s why. 

1. Make Stories to learn more about your customers

Instagram Stories is a boundless way to get instant feedback from your customers. If you want to find out more information about your users, use the Poll or question structures to get that all-important golden feedback about your customers.

Difficult to think how much to charge for a service, or package up a product. Go straight to the source for a quick answer!

2. Use it to scope new customers

Stories might only last 24hrs (forever, if you save them to a highlight), but they are ascertainable through hashtags and locations, as well as consenting you to tag other accounts (which allows them to reshare to their Stories.) So, if increasing your scope, or targeting a new demographic, is on your list of goals.

3. It drives traffic to your website

You’ve got to know over million followers to get the direct ‘swipe up’ feature from Stories (at the moment), but you can still use a cute ‘link in bio’ graphic to direct users to your latest blog post, or newest offering. This is the best reason why Instagram stories are best for business.

It’s also value noting that you can ‘swipe up’ to uploads irrespective of follower count and if you run ads, it will also ‘swipe up’ as standard.

4. Stay in front of your customer’s mind

One of the HUGE benefits of content is it helps you stay at the front of your customer’s mind. With an online following, you can’t always know what purchasing stage everyone is at. So, Stories is great where are up daily, without the high production time factor or price.

There are more than 300 million accounts viewing Stories

Instagram’s own internal data shows that companies account for one-third of the most popular Stories. 1 in 5 Stories gets a message directly from the audience. Here are the top 5 reasons why every company has to be on Stories.

5. Build and strengthen relationships

Instagram Stories is a simple method to engage customers with your business. Any material you post on Stories is quick and simple to consume, which encourages users to click on it more. You can forge closer ties with your followers if you keep up a consistent visual presence throughout the day or week.

People become more eager to see and expect your material as it becomes more consistent. Sneak previews of new goods and services as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that reveals the faces behind your company are excellent ways to reward your followers and increase brand loyalty. Recipes and tutorials pertaining to your goods, acknowledgments of specific clients, Q&As, and exclusive announcements.

6. Brand recognition

Instagram’s stories are the first thing users see when they open the app because they are shown at the top of the interface. Keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds with captivating Instagram Stories that make them feel like they are a part of the adventure. Over one-third of users use Stories every day, and it has increased time spent on Instagram by 28 minutes!

Produce content that shows your passion for the industry and your organization to keep your brand relatable to your audience. Since people are whom consumers buy from, don’t forget to include your team in the process! Some Stories, especially Live content, have the ability to notify some of your followers via push notifications, which will raise awareness of your business and increase views.

7. Boost your fan base

Instagram Stories are discoverable, which makes them accessible to accounts that don’t already follow you. This feature is great for gaining new followers. You might wonder what we mean when we say “discoverable.” When you click the magnifying glass button on Instagram, content based on different themes that you might be interested in is suggested; the majority of this content originates from accounts that you don’t already follow. On Instagram, this is Discover.

In its Featured area, Instagram also selects Stories that users are finding to be very compelling and displays them to other users. It will appear there if your Story is amusing enough, providing you the chance to greatly increase your following. Additionally, helpful methods to improve your chances of finding include adding your Instagram Stories with a hashtag and a location. Simply tap the Stickers button, “Location,” and then “Enter to Story” to add your location. Choose from the nearby options or conduct a manual search to find the required area.


Instagram Stories have become an essential tool for businesses, and their popularity continues to grow. By using Stories, businesses can gather valuable feedback from customers, expand their reach to new audiences, drive traffic to their websites, and stay on top of the minds of their customers. Instagram Stories help in creating brand recognition and boosting the fan base by being discoverable to accounts that don't already follow you. With the potential to increase followers and increase time spent on Instagram, businesses can effectively showcase their passion and connect with their audience. Therefore, utilizing Instagram Stories is a must for every business looking to succeed in the digital era.

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