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Instagram Business Stories : Best Ways To Use In 2023

instagram Apr 25, 2023

If you’re a business owner, then you know the importance of marketing your business on social media. And these days, one of the most popular platforms for doing so is Instagram. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. And one of the most effective ways to use Instagram for business is through Instagram Stories. Instagram business stories are a great way to showcase your brand, products, or services in a creative and engaging way. And best of all, they’re easy to use!

Here Are 10 Brilliant Ways To Use Instagram Business Stories:

1. Give A Behind-the-scenes Look At Your Business

As a business owner, you always want to find new ways to reach your target audience and promote your brand. And in today’s social media-driven world, one of the best ways to do that is through Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is a great way to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. You can show them how you make your products, and what goes into your day-to-day operations, and give them a glimpse of your company culture.

Not only will this give your followers a better understanding of your business, but it will also make them feel more connected to your brand. And when your followers feel connected to your brand, they’re more likely to become customers. So if you’re looking for a new way to reach your target audience and promote your business, give Instagram Stories a try.

2. Share Exclusive Offers And Discounts

One of the best ways to use Instagram Stories for business is to share exclusive offers and discounts with your followers. This is a great way to create a sense of urgency and encourage people to take action. Plus, it’s a great way to reward your most loyal followers and customers.

To get started, simply create a story and include a call-to-action that tells people to screenshot the offer. Then, post it on your Stories and make sure to promote it on your other social media channels as well. You can also create a Story highlight so people can easily find the offer later on.

3. Announce New Products Or Services

If you have a new product or service that you’re launching, announce it on Instagram Stories! This is a great way to generate excitement and get people talking about your business. Instagram stories for business ideas are the most useful and trending way to promote any business nowadays.

4. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be anything from photos and videos to reviews and testimonials. No matter what you choose to share, make sure it’s something that will resonate with your audience. When you share user-generated content, be sure to give credit to the original creator. This is a great way to show your appreciation and build relationships with your customers.

If you’re not sure where to start, simply ask your followers to submit their content using a specific hashtag. Then, you can go through and choose the best submissions to share on your Story. So, next time you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience on Instagram, don’t forget to consider user-generated content. It’s a great way to show your followers that you care about what they have to say!

How To Create User-Generated Content?

Creating user-generated content on Instagram stories can be a great way to engage with customers and create content that feels organic and natural. It is very easy to create Instagram stories for small businesses and, User-generated content can help you build customer relationships and showcase how your brand resonates with customers.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started creating user-generated content on Instagram stories for your business:

  • Create a hashtag campaign: Ask your followers to post content that includes your brand’s hashtag to generate user-generated content.
  •  Hold a contest: Host an Instagram contest that encourages fans to share pictures and videos with your brand’s hashtag for a chance to win a prize.
  • Feature customers: Feature customers who have shared content with your brand’s hashtag in your Instagram stories to showcase their enthusiasm for your brand.
  • Ask for shoutouts: Ask customers to give your brand a shoutout on their Instagram stories for a chance to be featured by your brand.

By using these strategies, you can create user-generated content on Instagram stories that is organic, genuine, and effective. With a bit of creativity, you can build relationships with customers and generate content that resonates with them.

5. Run A Contest Or Giveaway

To run a contest or giveaway, simply create a story and include a call-to-action for your followers. For example, you could ask them to take a photo of your product and share it with their friends. Or, you could ask them to share your story with a certain number of people. Make sure to include prizes that will incentivize your followers to participate. And be sure to select a winner (or winners) at random. Running a contest or giveaway is a great way to use Instagram Stories for your business. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

6. Provide Valuable Tips And Advice

People are always looking for helpful tips and advice. So use Instagram Stories to share valuable tips and advice with your followers. This is a great way to show off your expertise and attract new customers.

7. Promote Your Blog Content

If you have a blog, be sure to promote your latest blog posts on Instagram Stories. This is a great way to reach a new audience and boost traffic to your blog. Many business owners wonder why to use Instagram stories for business, Instagram stories help businesses stay up-to-date and maintain customer relationships.

8. Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to use Instagram business stories. By sharing positive reviews from customers, you can show potential customers that your business is trustworthy and worth their time and money.

To get the most out of customer testimonials, make sure to include the customer’s name and profile picture, as well as a link to their Instagram account. This will help others connect with the customer and see that they are real people with real experiences. When sharing customer testimonials, be sure to use relevant hashtags so that potential customers can easily find your Stories. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you could use hashtags like #foodie or #instafood. By sharing positive customer testimonials, you can show potential customers that your business is trustworthy and worth their time and money.

9. Run A Contest Or Giveaway

Everyone loves a good contest or giveaway. And using Instagram Stories is a great way to run one. Just be sure to include clear instructions on how to enter.

10. Highlight Your Team

This is a great way to show off your company culture and let your followers get to know the people behind your brand. To do this, simply post stories featuring your team members doing their thing. You can show them working hard, brainstorming ideas, or just hanging out and having fun. Whatever you do, make sure to add some fun and personality to your posts. This is a great way to humanize your brand and give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your team’s personality and build deeper relationships with your followers.


Instagram Business Stories provide an incredible opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience in creative and engaging ways. By leveraging the power of behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, new product announcements, user-generated content, contests and giveaways, valuable tips and advice, blog promotion, customer testimonials, and team highlights, businesses can effectively showcase their brand and foster meaningful connections with their followers. Instagram Stories offer a versatile platform to humanize the brand, build trust, and encourage customer engagement. So, if you're a business owner looking to elevate your social media marketing game, don't miss out on the immense potential of Instagram Business Stories. Get started today and captivate your audience with compelling and authentic storytelling!

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