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The Smart vision of Digitalzaa Enterprises

We are on a mission to empower Entrepreneurs with Smart Innovative Technologies via our Training Programs, Business Kits, Tools, Templates etc.


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Who we are

Our Mission: Develop, Build & Qualify Entrepreneurs to Build Smarter, Digital & Innovative Technologies into their Businesses for a Smarter Future.

Disha Rathi- Founder of Digitalzaa Enterprises

Disha Rathi, is the Founder of Digitalzaa Enterprises, Quest Internationals, Marketing Enigma Business Magazine, CEO at Reliserv Solution & International Author. Disha Got Awarded BEST EMERGING WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR of the Year 2022. Disha helps individuals & Businesses to scale their revenue using Online Marketing by adding professional Skills in their mindset to get more Clients/customers. She had mentored multiple Businesses to hit 6-7 figures in revenue using her Brilliant Techniques & her 10+ Years of experience in the Field of Marketing. 

More About Digitalzaa Enterprises:

Digitalzaa Enterprises is a leading ISO Certified company specializing in providing business owners with the latest training programs in digital marketing and social media marketing. Our comprehensive courses, Business Kits, and state-of-the-art software solutions are tailored to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in online marketing. 

As the second fastest Digitization in the world, India is on the path to becoming a $1 Trillion* Digital Economy by 2025. Fuelled by IT, Marketing, Automations, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc has grown from backend support into being the backbone of INDIAN Innovation & Progress.

We at Digitalzaa help shape work, heal, learn, shop & Live in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, AI-Driven Marketing, AI-Driven Automations, SEO, PPC, Web development, etc. We are supporting Educators, Entrepreneurs, Small-Scale, Medium Scale Businesses, retailers, and B2B-B2C Business owners across the Country with Advanced Technologies, Our Training Programs, Business Kits, Marketing Software Solutions, and Business Templates. 

More About Disha Rathi

Why you should Purchase courses from Disha Rathi. By Looking into her Professional journey experience you can Trust the Training material provided & you will get Guaranteed results in your business if you will follow her path properly.

Best Emerging Woman Entrepreneur Award in 2022

Disha Rathi is Founder of Fast Selling Business Magazine: Marketing Enigma

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Customized Training Programs: 

Digitalzaa's Academy offers customized bundle Kit Programs, Training modules that cater to individuals' skill levels & needs in Entrepreneurship. This can help in ensuring that each participant gets relevant training that addresses their specific challenges & requirements. 

2. Interactive & Engaging Content: 

To make the Training effective & Engaging for busy Entrepreneurs, Digitalzaa may incorporate interactive & engaging contents such as Worksheets, Templates, videos etc. This can help in retaining attention & making the learning experience enjoyable. 

3. Practical Applications of Skills: 

Digitalzaa also focuses on practical applications of skills through hands-on exercises & simulations. This can help in reinforcing the learning & applying it to everyday business challenges. 


At Digitalzaa Enterprises, we do not offer refunds for our products due to the nature of our digital and immediately downloadable content. Once a product is purchased and downloaded, it becomes instantly accessible to the buyer. This means that the buyer gains immediate value and benefits from the product.

Since our digital products cannot be returned or physically restocked, we are unable to provide refunds. We understand that individual circumstances may vary, and we encourage our customers to carefully review the product descriptions, features, and any available demos or samples before making a purchase decision.

We strive to provide detailed and accurate information about our products to help customers make informed choices. Additionally, our customer support team is always available to address any questions or concerns that customers may have prior to making a purchase.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will make every effort to resolve any issues or concerns that arise regarding our products. We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy based on the nature of our digital offerings. 

For any kind of help or Assistance, feel free to drop is an email at [email protected], We will revert back to you within 24-48 working hours

More about Digitalzaa Enterprises...

Digitalzaa Enterprises is a leading ISO Certified company specializing in providing business owners with the latest training programs in digital marketing and social media marketing


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