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Make Your Instagram Ads Stand Out With Types of Instagram Ads

instagram Jan 30, 2023

There are many types of Instagram ads that trades can use to reach their target market. It is quite recognized that Instagram Advertisements generate the finest results than even Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This has made a lot of digital marketers return to Instagram Advertisements for their special ability to show better advertisements and as well as pictures rate lead advertisements to improve traffic.

Instagram Advertising Guide

Before going on with the guide, let’s look at the two excellent benefits of Instagram advertisements. Its capability to integrate into the platform makes users not readily identify which post is an ad and which is not. Advertisement associations remain in the app: links embedded in advertisements remain in-app after the user clicks on them, this allows users to go back to their feeds without losing the last spot where they were seeing.

What Are Instagram Advertisements

Instagram advertisements are paid promotions or sponsored content created by businesses on Instagram. They allow account holders to reach their targeted audience and engage with them to increase brand awareness and drive sales of products or services. These advertisements appear as posts within users' feeds or stories and can include various formats such as images, videos, carousels, collections, explore ads, IGTV ads, shopping ads, and reel ads. Instagram advertisements provide businesses with an opportunity to showcase their offerings, attract potential customers, and achieve their marketing goals on the platform.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are multiple types of Instagram ads that will be conferred in this article to give you a broader look at these advertisements and possibly choose the finest ad type for your promotions.

Below are the 9 types of Instagram Ads users can run.

1. Image Advertisements:

These types of ads are shown on Instagram in the form of a single image when a company or specific advertises its handle, brand, product, and services.

Image Advertisements finest serve campaigns with compelling visual content which can be explained in one photo for the greatest result.

2. Stories Advertisements

These types of Ads show images or videos between users’ Instagram stories, these advertisements may show audio, text, GIFs, or a combination depending on how the editor edited his or her campaign visuals to reach the customers. It is established that Story Advertisements can probably reach over 500 million active story watchers who watch Instagram stories regularly. 

Moreover, it is one of the finest Instagram advertising types due to its normal show and impromptu popup in a self-slide feature on the Instagram story.

3. Video Advertisements

This type of ad gives a clearer insight into products, times a video has an audio explanation as well as directives on how the product or service works, where it can be seen, how to contact the owner, etc. video advertisements allow the product and service provider to show up to 60-minutes in feed explanation.

4. Carousel Advertisements

These advertisements show a series of images and videos (gypsy) which are arranged in a swipe-next array. Carousel advertisements show both in feeds and stories with links embedded beneath them. It allows you to advertise about 10 pictures in one ad.

5. Collection Advertisements

This ad type is the finest recommended for eCommerce brands, it shows a combination of carousel advertisements and as well as shopping advertisements, which have a direct link to the product catalog. When this ad is shown, a link to the brand of the product is embedded directly under the pages. This means a user can be directed to purchase or contact a product owner when they click on the ad on Instagram Instant Experience Storefront and proceed to purchase.

6. Explore Advertisements

These advertisements appear under the explore tab on Instagram where users’ content. And also accounts feature based on the user’s habits, they are usually shown based on suggestions. Statistics show that about 50% of active Instagram users tab explore button monthly. Explore advertisements show images and as well as videos.

7. IGTV Advertisements

This type of Instagram ad shows when a user taps on the IGTV feature to watch an IGTV video. This video IGTV advertisements show in full screen, these advertisements show a maximum of 15 seconds of watch time, and as well as the user can skip the advertisements midway in play. These advertisements are monetized, and content creators get 55% of the advertising revenue per watch.

8. Shopping Advertisements

These advertisements direct an Instagram user directly to the products and service page within the Instagram app catalog, where products and services can be ordered once you click on them.

All these activities can be done on Instagram on any shopping website on show.

9. Reels Advertisements

With the successful launch of Reels, Instagram recently announced the ability to advertise within Reels. Reel Instagram advertisements show is also the same array as stories advertisements. In video form timed 30 seconds well-integrated with organic Reels such that they show when a user is watching reels on the platform.

What Is The Finest Instagram Ad Type?

This type of question arises in the minds of many users who want to show Instagram advertisements. But to make it simpler for customers Instagram advertisements manager is available on the platform. That allows users to test different types of advertisement formats and as well as select the one that finest suits them.


Instagram offers a variety of ad types that businesses can use to effectively reach their target market. Each ad type serves a specific purpose and offers unique features to engage and attract users. The Instagram Ads Manager tool allows businesses to test different ad formats and select the one that best suits their needs. With Instagram ads, businesses can enhance their brand visibility, drive engagement, and boost sales effectively.

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