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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Using Pinterest For Business

pinterest Jan 07, 2023

It’s time to establish your social media strategy and start using Pinterest for business. Using Pinterest for business is perfect for showcasing products and services as Pinterest usually acts as an information resource for so many users preparing to make a purchase.

So why Pinterest for business? 

Because this platform has been growing like anything in the last few years. Pinterest is a visual social media platform where users can make and share pins, create boards, and shop.

The benefits of using Pinterest for business include brand exposure and a wider exposure client base.

You can make a business account on Pinterest from scrape or convert your own account to a business one.

Pinterest holders have bought a product because of the site, making it a great prospect to reach users. 

Before you start and use pinning, here is everything you need to know about using Pinterest for your business.

Pinterest basics

  • On Pinterest, users share and save content to virtual collections called boards.
  • Still, creating an account for a business version is important if you want to use Pinterest to promote your business. 
  • Business Pinterest accounts, which are free, give you access to sales-minded features like analytics. 
  • However, you can switch it to business or just create a new account, if you formerly had your own account.
  • All content shared on Pinterest is a pin – i.e., ideas to inspire you. 
  • Users can enter the code to be taken directly to your suggested boards. 
  • When you click on a pin, you have the option to save, send or hide.

How does Pinterest work?

  • Pinterest is a platform for people to find ideas on different topics like travel, cooking, fashion, home decoration, and so on. Its main purpose is to give the users by offering different styles and types of content that could be virtually used.
  • We formerly mentioned that you can partake in colorful types of content on the platform. What makes Pinterest unique is that those shared posts, called pins can be organized into boards, which users can follow to go deeper into specific content.
  • Users will browse through the Pinterest feed to get inspired and get indeed engaged in copping a product mostly because people using Pinterest are formerly having the intent to search for the things they actually need.
  • You make your Pinterest for a business account and design your profile specifically around that purpose.
  • You share images of your products, and give ideas, or helpful tips for your followers, therefore establishing your brand as a trustworthy go-to source.
  • The whole idea is to offer valuable content to your potential buyers. And because we humans get hooked on the visual first, Pinterest for business will work stylishly if you use high-quality images and videos with your written content.
  • Unlike the posts on other social media where you just produce a link with a post, on Pinterest, you make the pins that will redirect the user to the specific website. 
  • You can also make a captivating format to showcase your products, similar to Pinterest story pins.
  • This is much better in terms that you offer two services at formerly one giving a visual idea as an image and the other using that image to glance the user to your preferred website. 

Tips to make the most out of Pinterest / Achieve business goals

1. Focus on your audience

Remember that Pinterest is such a good platform for your business because of users’ intent. So, keep an eye on your users.

 2. Educate your followers

Once you know what your target followers are looking for, offer content that will be helpful and educational to them. You’ll also make a solid foundation for your brand and credibility.

Plus, potential users will know where to turn to formerly they’ve made a decision for purchase. It means that you are giving free stuff from your knowledge database.

 3. Combine text, videos

Different personalities mean different preferences. Although Pinterest at its core is a visual platform, your stylish method for using the maximum out of it's to mix and match.

Make your pins thoroughly visual at times like images or videos. Other times try to add some text within those visuals – like infographics or motivational quotations. Just make sure that your images and videos are of good quality.

How to Build a Pinterest Strategy For Business

1. Focus on your audience

Remember that Pinterest is such a good platform for your business because of users’ intent. So, keep an eye on your users.

2. Scheduling

Because Pinterest prefers new content from mostly used posts, you can make scheduling Pins a component of your strategy.

Pinterest allows you to list Pins up to two weeks in advance through their platform. Pinterest allows adding new Pins over time rather than uploading a cluster at once.

3. Hashtags

Also, consider using hashtags where suitable. Considerately used hashtags will help improve your search results.  If you aren’t sure which hashtags to use, do a search for your subject on Pinterest and see what others are using. Pinterest will also offer to autocomplete ideas as you write your content and title.

4. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics will deliver insights on your particular Pinterest users, as well as how your specific Pins are executing.

5. Keyword stuffing

Just like other platforms, keyword stuffing in your description is not correct. Pinterest values content that is valuable so make sure your content is helpful, unique, and beautiful.

Once you start creating pins, make sure you post content regularly. If you want to add hashtags to get your content in front of the right people, use Pinterest’s analytical tools to optimize your content. 


In conclusion, Pinterest is a powerful platform that businesses can use to effectively showcase products, reach a wider audience, and drive sales. By focusing on the target audience, providing valuable content, and employing a well-thought-out strategy, businesses can harness the potential of Pinterest to grow their brand and achieve marketing success. Embracing the platform's unique features and analytics will help businesses maximize their visibility and engagement, making Pinterest an essential tool for any business looking to expand its online presence and achieve its goals. Start leveraging Pinterest today and see the impact it can have on your business growth.

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