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5 Important Twitter Features That You Must Know

twitter Feb 14, 2023

There’s one tool to help you manage your Twitter account. And while they’re all helpful and amazing in their own way, there are some nifty features erected right into Twitter that a lot of people don’t take advantage of. Twitter features are some clever ways to use them to ameliorate your Twitter marketing exertions.

Some of these Twitter marketing features are kind of introductory, so you Twitter pros might be familiar with them formerly. Indeed, if you are apprehensive of these features, there may be a suggested use you hadn’t allowed of.

The 5 Amazing Twitter Features You Should Know:

1. Quote A Tweet

For this one, numerous of you formerly know how to quote a tweet. when and why to use this characteristic. Now, when should you use this characteristic?

Still, this is a huge way to partake in content and add value by furnishing your studies, if you’re erecting connections on Twitter (which we all should be doing).

Retweets are huge and, of course, people appreciate them. But when you go further and add some commentary, that stands out much more. These start conferences and further connections important faster than a simple retweet on its own.

Using this characteristic rather than the reply in utmost instances. For example, if you write a lot of content and, thus, tweet out a lot of links to your blog posts. A lot of people reply to those tweets, letting me know they enjoyed the huge post. But it’s indeed better when that reply comes in the form of a quoted retweet of the composition.

Done that way, others see the reply and the original tweet that’s being replied to. So rather than a compliment coming only to me, that’s a compliment plus a public countersign of the blog post.

2. Twitter Lists

Do you know you can make other feeds besides your main timeline that only include certain accounts? And, in fact, you don’t indeed have to be following accounts to include them in these feeds.?

It’s true. You can do it by creating Twitter lists. To start, go to the drop-down menu by clicking on the small profile snap as shown below.

You can choose between a public and private list. However, anyone you add will get an announcement and they can choose to subscribe to that list as well if you set the list to the public. Or, if you set it to private, accounts won’t be notified when you add them, and you’ll be the only one with access to the list.

But also use private lists. For example, a private list to cover challengers and keep up with what they’re doing on Twitter. And when you see someone who’s not too happy with a direct contender, that’s a chance to swoop in and let them know we’re a volition.

You can also make lists grounded on interests (which comes in handy in tandem with the coming tip on tagging accounts). Twitter lists are a great way to member followers grounded on common interests in your business opportunities

Once you make a list, However, a complete breakdown of how to use it If you’re not familiar with those tools.

3. Tagging Accounts In Tweets

One of the veritably stylish ways to get noticed on Twitter is to show up in someone’s different announcements. effects like following and mentioning will land you in their announcement inbox.

But do you know you can also tag up to 10 accounts on the image of a Tweet and they all get an announcement when you do?

When you attach an image to a tweet, you’ll see a hyperlink under it that says, “Who’s in this print?” Click on that and start codifying in a Twitter handle until you can choose it to label.

Everyone tagged gets an announcement as soon as the Tweet goes live, so you’re nearly guaranteed all the people tagged will see it and numerous will reply or partake or both. Of course, you need to use this tactic sparingly. Do not label people in every tweet and do not tag the same people too frequently. So, let’s assume you’ve formerly made a Twitter list grounded on interests as mentioned in the former tip. However, that’s a perfect time to pick some list members you believe will enjoy the post and tag them, if you ever publish a composition on that content.

4. Tweets- Threading

Twitter post is a great source of information and is an awful forum for agitating colorful themes. Unfortunately, the current stoner interface does not allow you to fluently view a discussion between two or further people.

Threaded tweets can also serve as a means for people to find other Twitter users that are interested in analogous subjects of discussion.

5. Pinning A Tweet

On your Twitter profile page, you may (and should) pin a Tweet to keep it at the top of your feed. Simply locate the tweet you wish to save and click the tiny down arrow in the tweet’s top right corner. Next, choose “Pin to your profile page,” affirm that this is what you want to do, and finish. Until you unpin it using the same option or select another Tweet to replace it, that Tweet will remain pinned to the top of your profile page. Because of this, it’s crucial to optimize your Twitter profile, which includes having a pinned Tweet that generates traffic.


Twitter offers amazing features to boost your marketing efforts and overall experience on the platform. "Quote A Tweet" allows you to add value and initiate conversations with insightful retweets. "Twitter Lists" keep you organized and informed by creating customized feeds. "Tagging Accounts In Tweets" boosts visibility and engagement when used thoughtfully. "Tweet Threading" enables in-depth discussions, fostering connections. "Pinning A Tweet" highlights essential content on your profile for maximum impact. Incorporate these features to amplify your brand's reach and drive engagement. Stay authentic, provide value, and interact with your audience for Twitter marketing success!


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