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How To Rank YouTube Videos? Here Is The Solution

youtube Mar 29, 2023

YouTube SEO is not easy always. Even if you follow all the guidelines, the decision of what results will seem to the user depends on the platform’s algorithm, which is quite complex. It studies numerous criteria, rules, and calculations to determine to rank, including factors that are autonomous of your actions such as user navigation. There are a lot of ways to rank YouTube videos.

However, the more you get points with the YouTube search algorithm, the more probability you have of reaching the top positions. So, let’s see some advice for YouTube to favor your channel and your videos in users’ search results.

7 Best Ways To Rank Your YouTube Videos

1. Conduct Keyword Research First

Keywords are essential in YouTube SEO, as well as for Google. Through them, the platform identifies the video’s subject, indicators the content, and associates it with customers’ quests.

For this, they must be added to certain fields similar to title, markers, and content, for illustration, as we will see below when uploading the video train so that YouTube can gather this information and custom it in the ranking.

thus, you need to know which keywords identify your videos and, at the same time, have the eventuality to attract further observers to your channel. This is one of the best ways to rank YouTube videos.

Now let’s look at some tips for performing a quality keyword exploration with a focus on YouTube SEO. Those can be used to fill in the fields after you post videos, but also to come up with ideas for contained content for your channel.

2. Choose Keywords With Good Reach Potential

The most popular terms tend to attract more people. still, they’ve further competition and similar challengers can be big brands and influencers, with whom it’s delicate to contend. So, the sophisticated choice especially if you have a small business is presumably the keywords that we call ‘long tail’.

They do not have a similar amazing business, but they do not have that important competition moreover. So, it’s simple to reach a good position. In addition, they frequently represent bottom-channel quests that are, near to conversion.

But how do you know what long-tail keywords are? They’re generally longer — three words or further and represent a more specific search.

It generates a lot of success, but the ranking for it is much more competitive. But you can constrict that search using the term “Instagram content marketing”, which formerly filters out competitors. However, the search becomes indeed more specific and you increase the chances of situating your video well If you choose the term “ content marketing Instagram Stories ”.

3. Use A Good Video Title

After performing a good keyword exploration, you formerly have a good selection of terms at hand. So, what do you do with them?

One of the fields where the keyword requirements to displayed is the title. This is one of the most important factors for YouTube to indicate and rank the content. And, for the video to display in a better position, the title must be near the user’s search terms.

4. Add Tags To The Video

Anyone who works with SEO for Google knows that stuffing a runner’s law with keywords in the meta markers no longer makes sense. The search machine no longer uses this aspect as a ranking factor since it was extensively used as spam.

On YouTube, still, markers are essential for ranking a video. They’re among the factors that YouTube considers to identify the subjects of a video and indicate it rightly, but also to recommend affiliated videos. And those recommendations are also a significant source of business for your videos.

In this arena, YouTube permits you to use 120 characters. but better to use 6 to 8 words, so as not to complicate the algorithm with terms that are disconnected from its content.

5. Write Smart Contents

An important point that must be filled in when uploading the video. This text should provide information about what the video is about in the most understandable possible.

Still, the content can be longer and more comprehensive, If the title needs to be brief. You can use 5000 characters for this.

The content is essential for ranking for two reasons. It can be an instrument of persuasion for the user to pierce the video since its original portion appears in the search results so try to keep the main information at the morning of the text.

With attractive content, you can increase your video engagement and earn points with YouTube. The content also helps the platform’s algorithm to find the video content. thus, then you must add keywords that represent the ideas enclosed in the video.  you increase the chances of ranking for these terms. Take advantage of the content to add further information and engage customers in other ways.

In the text, you can include calls to action (CTAs), similar to an assignment to subscribe to the YouTube channel or download some content on your website, rather with reduced links.

Another idea is to use timestamps to direct the spectator to a certain prominent front of the video, especially in longer content.

It’s also possible to add hashtags in the text, which induce links for customers to find new videos about that term. But do not overdo it if you have further than 15 hashtags in the video content, YouTube ignores them all.

6. Edit The File Name

Did you know that YouTube SEO ways begin indeed before you upload your video? This is because you formerly need to include the content’s main keyword in the file name. This is also one of the best ways to rank YouTube videos. Rather than uploading the video with a name full of standards and figures. Therefore, the platform can identify what the video is about right in the name of the file.

7. Make Longer Videos

Videos with lower than 2 flickers tend to be inadequately placed;

The average duration of the first 5 positions is 11 min 44s. They meet the prospects of those looking for more complete and in-depth content. On the other hand, videos less than 2 minutes long tend to be more superficial.

Still, it’s worth mentioning applicability is better than the video’s length. So, if you invest in quality content, do not worry so important about the length of the video.


In conclusion, understanding YouTube SEO and implementing effective strategies are crucial for ranking your videos higher on the platform. Conducting keyword research, choosing appropriate keywords, and crafting engaging titles are essential steps to optimize your videos. Adding relevant tags and writing informative video descriptions further improves your video's visibility. Editing the file name with the main keyword before uploading enhances YouTube's understanding of your content. Lastly, creating longer and more valuable videos can boost your chances of attracting and retaining viewers. By consistently delivering quality content and staying updated with YouTube's changes, your channel can thrive and gain recognition in the competitive YouTube landscape.

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